In the course of doing business it is necessary to communicate or acquire certain information for a project. The following list of forms represents common requests made by our office for the benefit of a project or information we provide on behalf of our clients. You are welcome to look at, review, download, or use any of this information that may be of benefit to your situation. As with any original information, most of the forms included in this list are original documents created by FHA Architects and are thus protected by copyright laws. Please remember this important point should you decide to download any of our proprietary information.

Forms for our Consultants

  1. ALTA/ACSM Survey Request
  2. Geotechnical Report Request
  3. Standard Form of Agreement - Consultant
  4. Civil Engineering Request

Forms for Business to Business

  1. Disclosure Form
  2. Waiver of Lien (1)
  3. Waiver of Lien (2)
  4. W-9 (Federal ID Verification)
  5. FHA Rates
  6. Professional Insurance Requirements
  7. FHA Architects Insurance Certificate
  8. Confidentiality Agreement
  9. Electronic Media Disclosure

Forms for our Commercial Clients

  1. Site Due Diligence Template
  2. Example of an ALTA Survey
  3. Example of a Geotechnical Report
  4. Example of a Phase One Report
  5. Example of a Phase Two Report
  6. Site Analysis
  7. Plan Checklist
  8. Master Project Checklist
  9. Design Restrictions
  10. Project Detail Summary
  11. Project Closing Checklist

Forms for our Food Service Clients

  1. Budget Template
  2. Profit and Loss Template
  3. Menu Planning Template
  4. Kitchen Design Rules
  5. Food Service Guidelines

Forms for our Residential Clients

  1. Family Questionnaire