Johnny’s Brew Pub

Johnnys Brew Pub

Johnny’s Brew Pub
Omaha, NE

The day of the old family restaurant was obvious to Jack and Tom Kawa that it was approaching its demise. Their fore site provided the inspiration for what is now one of the premier restaurants in Omaha, Charlie’s on the Lake.

The Kawa’s assembled a team of professionals to develop a new restaurant that would include a new format for the restaurant patron, a micro brew.

FHA Architects joined the Zakaspace (interior designer) and Bill Mains (restaurant consultant)in assisting the Kawa’s with the design of their vision. The original restaurant was designed as a 7,500 square foot facility with a brewery as an integral part of the design. An old time theme with a modern styling became the inspiration for the restaurant. It stands today as evidence of that vision operating with a new name but with all the charm of the original design.