Architectural Services
FHA offers the full spectrum of architectural services that enable us to meet our client’s needs and help them to realize a well-designed facility and successful business. FHA emphasizes close involvement between our staff and our clients in each phase of development. Below are some of the Architectural Services we offer.

• Site Evaluation, Review, and Due Diligence Reporting
• Programming
• Budgeting
• Design
• Space Planning
• Building Design
• Prototype Development
• Production Documents
• Project Administration

Construction Management
Each project presents unique requirements and opportunities. FHA has the experience necessary to assist you in getting the most from your money, with smooth transitions between each phase of development, particularly the entitlement process. FHA also has a remarkable ability to hurdle obstacles in an efficient and cost effective manner. Construction Management Services are your guarantee for a project that meets or exceeds your expectations. Below are examples of what FHA offers.

• Scheduling
• Budgeting
• Bidding and Negotiations
• Project Administration
• Contract Coordination
• Field Observation
• Project Close Out

Food Service Design
Harlan Faust, owner and Principal Architect of FHA Architects, has owned and operated restaurants, he knows there is more than meets the eye when you enter a well-designed facility. Comfort, eye-appeal, sound control, traffic flow, work spaces, equipment safety and efficiency are all essential ingredients for your successful business. Below are examples of the Food Service Design Services FHA offers.

• Project Planning and Budgeting
• Space Planning
• Finish, Furnishings, and Equipment Selection/Purchase
• Facility Design and Documentation
• Food Service Startup

Computer Graphics
FHA utilizes the latest technology in the form of 3d computer modeling and rendering which facilitates the exploration of numerous design ideas and the communication of those ideas to our clients and to governing bodies in the entitlement process. This allows for changes early in the design process, saving valuable time and money. Below are examples of our work.

• Dimensional Architectural Renderings
• Panoramic Representations of Interior and Exterior Spaces
• Walk through and animated computer presentations

Other Services Available Through Allied Consultants
FHA offers many other services to assist in the start up of your company. If you require assistance in finding and securing the perfect spot to build or just need help building your company’s presence in the market place, FHA has the experienced professionals to facilitate the process. Below is a short list of additional services FHA has to offer.

• Market Identification
• Real Estate Site Selection
• Lease Negotiations
• Demographic Reports
• Identity, Logo and Graphic Design